Xoxo, gossip girl: the benefits and toxicity of gossip

change the conversation
change the conversation

In this episode, we discuss the surprising benefits of gossip and how it plays out in our lives, as well as talents we wish we had and new hobby horizons we'd like to explore.

What you'll hear:

  • Research that suggests benefits of gossip
  • A rule of thumb for whether to say something behind someone's back or not
  • What to do to disengage when you're party to gossip
  • Ways we justify gossip when we shouldn't
  • Talents we'd love to have and hobbies we'd still like to conquer

Can I quote you on that?

  • "If I'm venting to you about someone you don't know, is it gossip?" Maggie
  • "As a rule of thumb, I try to ask myself, 'is this something I'm willing to bring up to this person's face?'" Jacey
  • "In the same way that you want to extend grace to the object of the gossip, you also want to extend grace to the gossiper." Maggie
  • "I'm making people feel insecure about my friendship if I'm gossiping to them." Jacey
  • "Gossip is one of the major enemies of vulnerability." Maggie
  • "When we do talk about other people, let's make it positive and life giving and let it be blessings instead of curses." Maggie
  • "Making cocktails: very life giving!" Jacey
  • "If someone could send me a Jon Hamm poster for my bedroom, like a teenager, I would love it." Jacey


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