Why small talk matters and our dream panel of experts for everyday life

panel of experts
panel of experts

This week, we discuss why small talk matters, and curate our panels of experts for everyday life from ANYONE dead or alive, fictional or real. You know, people we'd like to ask for relationship advice, steal their closets, collaborate with on a creative project, work out with...and more!


What you'll hear:

  • A dentist update from Jacey (for those of you following along at home)
  • A secret hobby of Maggie's
  • How small talk can make us happier and more connected
  • The panel of experts we would choose to get career advice from, collaborate on a creative project with, style our hair, coach us through childbirth, and more!

Can I quote you on that?

  • "You're not going to get to those deeper conversations if you don't feel comfortable with each other, and that might come from talking about the weather, or the coffee you're drinking." Jacey
  • "Small talk is far less awkward than instantaneous, deep, really intense conversation where you're really divulging a lot from the get-go." Maggie
  • "Small talk creates the environment where you can get to know someone just enough to make an intelligent and wise decision about whether you want to pursue a further relationship." Maggie
  • "At the end of the day, I value the connection that small talk creates over the awkwardness of small talk." Maggie
  • "I'm going to a podcasting conference next week, because I've reached the height of cool in my life." Jacey
  • "I don't need a newborn photo shoot. No. I want record of the hard work that I am doing to bring a child into the world." Jacey


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