"Unfortunately, he was a cat person..."

In this week's episode, we talk about how to: road trip, accept compliments, and fall in love with anyone. We also play a mad round of 'Fortunately/Unfortunately,' so hold on to your pets and your phalanges.

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Show Notes:

Jacey and Maggie begin this week's episode by recounting the event henceforth referred to as 'The Battle of the Ravenel Bridge." It is a riveting tale of hardship, perserverence, and ultimate victory.

Jacey saw Selma last week and highly recommends it. She also shares how the movie challenged her and raised the following questions:

  • Is being a small part of a great cause enough for our generation?
  • Has the need to be known for what we're doing stolen our ability to accomplish anything meaningful?

“Like anybody, I would like to have a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Speaking of Alabama, Jacey and Maggie are taking a road trip to Birmingham soon!

What are some of your road-trip strategies?

  • Maggie loves driving and road trips, while Jacey loves being driven.
  • Both ladies agree road trips are great opportunities for catching up on phone calls, music, podcasts, and alone time.
  • Maggie hates stopping frequently, but when she does stop she takes her time. Jacey stops more freqently but doesn't like to dilly-dally.
  • Both agree road trip snackage is KEY:
    • Jacey goes to Trader Joe's and indulges on road trip snacks.
    • Maggie eats her body weight in baby carrots.
    • Road trip games:
      • Would You Rather?
      • The Question Game
      • Fortunately/Unfortunately (Just a warning: this one gets a little...interesting. Brace yourselves)

Jacey and Mike are planning an exciting trip to Europe this summer. We discuss the benefits of traveling in the context of purpose and blessing.

  • Traveling takes you outside of your comfort zone and contributes to character growth. Encountering new cultures provides perspective and challenges what we know and believe.
  • It is an act of worship. Exploring new aspects of creation honors the creator.
  • Traveling allows us to be influenced by people whose stories and journeys are incredibly different from our own.
  • It provides creative inspiration.

Do you have trouble receiving compliments? How do you go about giving them?

Our tips for receiving compliments:

  • Say thank you.
  • Be genuine- false humility is not becoming.

Our tips for giving compliments:

  • If you think it, say it!
  • Slide bits of encouragement into everyday conversation.

In other news, someone has discovered how 'To Fall in Love with Anyone.'

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