Too old for BFF's?


In this episode, we discuss BFF's in adulthood, how to "friendship date," and our dream pop culture BFF's for various life stages and events.

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What you'll hear:

  • Maggie's new calling in life
  • Discrimination against Americans. It's real.
  • Whether it's realistic (or desirable) to find a best friend you see on a daily basis.
  • The harrowing reality of friendship dating

Can I quote you on that?

  • "It was a perfect place, perfect time, perfect person type scenario." Maggie on our friendship
  • "Everyone's afraid of the same thing. We all are afraid of being rejected." Jacey
  • "There are some people you connect with, and some you don't, and that's okay." Maggie
  • "It's gonna be a little awkward." Jacey on friendship dating
  • "People want to be friends with your imperfect self." Jacey
  • "When you have authentic relationships where you feel known and loved, you don't feel the need to be loved by people who don't know you as well." Maggie



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