Tiny houses with Rachel Nordgren


This week, we are joined by our friend Rachel Nordgren to examine the intricacies of tiny houses and simple living. We are also sharing what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and following this month

What you'll hear:

  • What inspired Rachel and her husband to build a tiny home
  • The fun hacks and tricks to create space in a 180 square foot home
  • Questions to ask yourself when pursuing a simpler life
  • What we've been reading, watching, listening to, and following this month.

Can I quote you on that?

  • "You don't need a ton of storage 'hacks' if you don't have a ton of stuff that you have to store." Rachel
  • "The hardest part about going tiny is figuring out how we are still going to be hospitable in a much much smaller space." Rachel
  • "The Lord calls you to more than just the destination, He calls you to the journey along the way." Rachel
  • "There is nothing we own that we don't find useful or that we don't find beautiful." Rachel
  • "Simplicity, minimalism, whatever you want to call it, ultimately begins in the heart." Rachel
  • "It was really useful to ask a lot of questions of our things to make sure that they were earning their keep." Rachel


Thoughts, questions, comments?

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