The truth about perfectionism

In this episode, we discuss what’s at the root of perfectionism, how it affects work and relationships, and some go to mantras for recovering perfectionists.

Our challenge this month is to learn something new. This week, we’d like to be more specific: learn something new about race and/or law enforcement in America. Whatever your assumptions or opinions, make an effort to read something from a different perspective. Talk to individual cops and people of color in your community so that we can humanize every side of the conversation.

What you'll hear:

  • Praise for Maggie’s vinaigrette
  • Lies perfectionists believe
  • People pleasing as a form of perfectionism
  • Mantras for recovering perfectionists

Can I quote you on that?

  • “The motivation for perfectionism gets this glossy coating that we like to call the pursuit of excellence.” Maggie
  • “It’s normal to want affirmation from other people; it’s detrimental when you’re linking that approval to your own sense of self worth.” Jacey
  • “This drive [for perfection] is actually pride, and it’s a rejection of grace.” Jacey
  • “The distinction between a healthy drive for excellence and perfectionism is whether or not the stakes are existential.” Jacey
  • “Perfectionists are not willing to try things; in a pursuit to be perfect, they won’t go outside of their comfort zone.” Maggie
  • “No one is looking as closely or caring as much as you think they are.” Maggie


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