The finer things in life and seasonal spring food

In this episode, we chat about where it's worth it to splurge and where to save, as well as seasonal spring produce and recipes. 

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What you'll hear:

  • Amazon Prime is what's up
  • How to be lazily eco friendly
  • An update on Jacey's hair situation
  • What "balayage" is
  • What food is worth splurging on
  • Questions you can ask yourself to decide if your splurges are worth it
  • Delicious ways to prepare spring produce

Can I quote you on that?

  • "A splurge is anything that I will pay more for because the convenience, quality or enjoyment I get is such that I wouldn't get from a cheaper alternative." - Jacey
  • "When I go out to eat, I want something creative and inspiring; I want to be culinarily stimulated." - Maggie
  • "I feel like this is a revelatory podcast for me." - Maggie
  • "Is this something worth splurging on, or have I just gotten into the habit?" - Jacey
  • "Is the money you're saving worth the other things it's costing you?" - Jacey
  • "There's one way to eat pineapple: grilled, with plain vanilla bean ice cream and a spiced tequila caramel sauce." - Maggie


Thoughts, questions, comments?

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