The cost of convenience


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This week, we’re talking about how convenience affects our lives, for better or worse.

What you'll hear:

  • When we are and aren’t willing to pay for convenience
  • Which conveniences make our lives worse
  • Why easy, efficient, and convenient aren't always worthy objectives, especially when it comes to relationships, creativity and work
  • How a car accident proved fruitful

Can I quote you on that?

  • "The rest of this episode I’m gonna be on a convenience food soap box, and it might get obnoxious.” Maggie
  • “Where I come from, the meal is a result of reflection and study. Menus are prepared in advance, timed to perfection. It is said, without the culinary arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable.” Kate and Leopold
  • “We don’t value waiting and what can happen in process. We start something and we want to see a result, and we care very little about what is cultivated in us or in our community or in the people around us while we’re waiting for that result.” Maggie
  • "Sometimes the obstacles to what we want can be in our best interest.” Jacey


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