The bold and the vegetarian

unbreakable backbone manifesto
unbreakable backbone manifesto

In this week's episode, we discuss what it means to be bold in work, daily life, and relationships. We also chat about the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet.

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What you'll hear:

  • How we define boldness and how we define what boldness is NOT.
  • What holds us back from being bold in situations that require it.
  • How being bold (assertive) in professional settings affects our careers and job satisfaction.
  • The tale of Jacey's epic high-dive jump.
  • Why boldness is required for authentic relationships.
  • The different types of vegetarianism.
  • The health benefits of being a vegetarian and which nutrients to monitor when following a plant-based diet.

Can I quote you on that?

  • "You took advantage, like a teenager does when their parents go out of town, of the fact that I was not there to bring up emojis." - Maggie
  • "I see boldness as looking at a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable and choosing to dive into it anyways." - Maggie
  • "Being bold requires there to be stakes involved." - Jacey
  • "What one person perceives as a risk is different than another." - Jacey
  • "Boldness is not offensive or inconsiderate." - Maggie
  • "What holds me back from being bold in situations where I probably should be is a fear of being offensive." - Jacey
  • "There are negative repercussions of under-selling yourself, and job satisfaction is one of them." - Maggie
  • "You have to be willing to be bold if you want a truly intimate relationship with someone" - Jacey


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