Taking efficiency too far

In this episode, we discuss when efficiency goes too far. Plus, Maggie will weigh in on drinking vinegar, and other current nutrition trends. 

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What you'll hear:

  • How we’ve personally seen our quality of life suffer from having an efficiency driven mindset
  • The problem with compartmentalization of work and play
  • What we might be missing in the midst of all this productivity
  • Maggie’s dietetic opinion on drinking vinegar, zoodles, golden milk, and other current nutrition trends.

Can I quote you on that?

  • “Why can’t we say, ‘we’re gonna get less done, and that’s okay’?” Jacey
  • “Where we go wrong with efficiency is placing it as the highest value.” Maggie
  • “You’re not a machine. You’re human, and may we never lose touch with our humanity.” Jacey
  • “In the stark compartmentalization of work and play, we lose the opportunity to find joy in the work and joy in the process of getting things done.” Maggie
  • “There’s not a shortcut for everything. There’s not a life hack for staying in love with someone, or forgiveness or vulnerability.” Jacey


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