Style and Beauty and Fashion...oh my!


In this week's episode, we talk about beauty, fashion, and style, and we discuss why those things matter to us.


What you’ll hear:

  • Our personal style and make up history
  • The role of style in either hiding or showing up socially
  • The stigmas and stereotypes of over dressing and under dressing
  • The importance of personal appearance in tackling your day
  • A few practical tips for finding your own style

Can I quote you on that:

  • “If you’re beautiful or you care about things like makeup or fashion then that is sometimes seen as mutually exclusive from being smart or ambitious or hard working.” - Jacey
  • “For some reason, I put a lot of value in being efficient and being able to wake up and leave the house in 30 minutes.” - Maggie
  • “I see it as an outward symbol that I am showing up for myself, for my friends, for the Lord, for my health, for my life.” - Jacey
  • “It (fashion) was a way of masking insecurity because people would talk about what I was wearing as opposed to me.” - Maggie
  • “If I leave the house put together, I feel better about the day, I have more confidence going into whatever tasks are at hands, and I will probably accomplishment those tasks better than if I felt frumpy.” - Maggie
  • “Pick the most ‘you’ version of a trend.” - Maggie
  • “We’re gonna have to get dressed, so let’s find a way to make it fun and creative and not stressful.” - Jacey
  • "If any item in your closet is associated with guilt or shame, get rid of it." - Jacey


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