Strolling down memory lane

This week, we are looking backwards and examining how we interact with the past. We are also taking a stroll down memory lane and sharing some of our most memorable experiences. 

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What you'll hear:

  • Why physical reminders of the past are important
  • All about Maggie's tattoos
  • When holding on to the past can be harmful
  • Some our favorite memories from childhood, athletics, and travel

Can I quote you on that?

  • "We use sentimentality as an excuse to hold on to things that we should not be holding on to." Maggie
  • "The truth is that we are constantly changing and becoming someone different. We are not going to go back to our past selves, and we probably shouldn't." Jacey
  • "When you hold on to things of the past you are not acknowledging that so much of what made that past great was where you were as a person in it." Maggie
  • "My ideal romantic setting is long conversation over food." Jacey


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