Staying informed (and sane) in election season

This week we are joined by Sarah and Beth from the Pantsuit Politics podcast. We discuss tips for staying informed and having nuanced conversations around charged topics. We also discuss the effects of our recent Internet fast.

What you’ll hear:

  • Resources for staying informed
  • The myth of political neutrality
  • Why we need discourse (and disagreement) in politics
  • Thoughts from an internet 'fast'

Can I quote you on that?

  • “A lot of people seem informed and that’s fine. It’s fine to be interested in politics, it’s fine not to be interested in it.” Sarah Stewart Holland
  • “It’s not about neutrality, it’s about transparency.” Sarah Stewart Holland
  • “We try to ascribe moral value to things that are amoral. Not everything has to be about right and wrong.” Sarah Stewart Holland
  • “There’s always the option to broaden your perspective, and the opportunity for it.” Beth Silvers
  • “We can stand for something without it being oppositional. We don’t have to define everything by it’s adversary.” Beth Silvers
  • “Boundaries are essential in stewarding this thing that is the internet.” Maggie
  • “ I had set my life up in such a way that I am seeing what other people want from me, first.” Jacey
  • “Having a healthy perspective on how important you are on the internet is helpful in keeping you off the internet.” Maggie


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