Stay cool, have a great summer

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In this episode, we're sharing what to eat, drink, watch, and read this summer. Plus, our thoughts on "summer bucket lists." Basically we want everyone to just stay cool

Hey, we know you're scrolling through Instagram at your kid's sweltering baseball game or the lady doctor's waiting room. Make sure we pop up in your feed.

What you'll hear:

  • Maggie’s lycopene themed summer recipes
  • Jacey's mayo themed summer recipes
  • What we’re looking forward to watching and reading this summer
  • The pros and cons of summer bucket lists

Can I quote you on that?

  • “I love that in the summertime people seem to find more time for leisure and more time for social gatherings.” Maggie
  • “I just want people to leave me alone and let me read my book.” Jacey
  • “As soon as you say ‘bucket list,’ it becomes another to do list.” Maggie
  • “I’m going to do what I’m calling ‘embrace the spirt of summer.’” Jacey
  • “Can we nix the whole ‘lazy summer’ verbiage? Because all that implies to me is that by participating in the innate restfulness that comes with the summer season, we’re not being productive.” Maggie
  • “Any excuse for a dollar beer and a hot dog is a good one.” Maggie


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