Sustainable style with Hayley Morgan

This week, we are joined by author and entrepreneur Hayley Morgan to have a #realtalk conversation about where our clothes come from and how our clothing choices affect more than just our own wardrobes.

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What you'll hear:

  • What we mean by 'sustainable fashion'
  • Practical steps for moving toward a more sustainable wardrobe
  • Shopping sustainably on a budget
  • Our favorite sustainable brands
  • The story behind Hayley's clothing brand Wildly Co.

Can I quote you on that:

  • "The first step, for me, was curbing my appetite for clothes." Hayley Morgan
  • "For us to have savings, we are passing that cost on to somebody else." Hayley Morgan
  • "Often with the issues where we find ourselves asking 'oh but does my participation matter,' it's because we are trying to find an excuse to opt-out." Maggie
  • "Companies looking to make money have figured out a way to combine consumerism with pleasure, and it has made it very difficult for us to lessen our appetite for it." Hayley Morgan
  • "As privileged women living in America, we do have a responsibility to say that our desire and our pleasure does not trump somebody else and their hardship." Hayley Morgan
  • "Small changes in my heart lead to big changes in the rest of my life. It may not overturn the horrible global market, but it will change me, and that goes a long way in changing the people around me." Hayley Morgan (AMEN!)


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