Sharing stories through documentary and a special guest host


In this episode, Maggie is joined by a special guest host - her friend and documentary film maker, Lyttanya Shannon. They discuss the inspiring work that Lyttanya is involved in, share what they're reading, watching, listening to, and following this month, and compare British and American terminology.

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What you'll hear:

  • The British version of a Southern accent
  • Lyttanya's journey to becoming a documentary film maker
  • The challenges of telling stories of survival and hardship
  • A lovely poem about plums
  • The correct(?) way to pronounce 'herb'
  • What we're reading, watching, listening to, and following this month

Can I quote you on that?

  • "The people who don't have a voice or don't have a medium t0 share their stories are often the ones who we learn the most from." - Lyttanya
  • "I'm drawn to stories of survival." - Lyttanya
  • "When you're directing...the camera is almost like a barrier." - Lyttanya
  • "It was after I put the camera down and gave the girls a hug...that's when you really allow yourself to be present in what's going on." - Lyttanya
  • "To-may-to, to-mah-to. Not just a saying, but a real life conflict." - Maggie
  • "When you see 1000 die, it's not the same as seeing one person die. Because you connect to that one." - Lyttanya


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