Rethinking the 10,000 hour rule


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This week, we're discussing the 100 hour rule (as opposed to the 10,000 hour rule), and bringing back our "what's working" segment to share our favorite personal care products.

What you'll hear:

  • Maggie confess some recent style choices that she's previously sworn against
  • Plant ladies are the new cat ladies. Get into it.
  • Limitations of the 10,000 hour rule
  • Our current favorite personal care products

Can I quote you on that?

  • “You are the end product. Even if you decide to change course after you’ve invested a lot of time, it’s not necessarily a complete loss.” Jacey
  • “I like knowing a little about a lot of things.” Maggie
  • “Maximize your strengths more than you try to overcome your weaknesses.” Jacey
  • “We’ve talked enough about self care. We need to talk about honing your strategies for personal neglect with the least amount of fallout possible. That’s where my expertise really comes in.” Jacey
  • “Go home, and don’t go big.” Maggie


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