It's not a popularity contest...or is it?


This week, we discuss the forces behind popularity and viral content, and widely popular things that we think are overrated.

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What you'll hear:

  • Big life changes underway
  • A sad realization about ourselves
  • The genius of Clickhole
  • Mass appeal vs. niches
  • Maggie betray her fellow Americans
  • How tied our tastes are to identity

Can I quote you on that?

  • “People are more likely to share things if they are able to make a statement about themselves: what they believe in, causes or values they align themselves with." Jacey
  • "I can count the number of times I've shared something on Twitter on one hand." Maggie
  • "We're a very self aware generation, which creates greater opportunity for those niche things to connect." Maggie
  • "The best thing is not to try to write things that will go viral. The best thing is to write for just one person. Make an impact on just one person. Even better, make it so they can’t sleep at night unless they choose to make a difference for one other person. The rest will take care of itself.”  - Seth Godin, quoted in this article
  • "I do have faith that the things that need to find me will: the books, podcasts, music, clothing companies - those things will find their way to me and I to them because of the beauty of the Internet." Jacey
  • "'Hotline Bling' has tricked me into liking it." Jacey


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