The original #Brexit and choose your own amendment


In this episode, we're talking with history expert Tim Smith about the little known facts of American independence. Plus, amendments we'd make to shopping, travel, the Internet and more, if anyone asked. Which they haven't but...whatever. In our America, real butter and free shipping are the law of the land.

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What you'll hear:

  • Facts of American independence you didn't learn in history class
  • How Jefferson felt about the revisions to his Declaration of Independence
  • The fraught bromance between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
  • How a flea market could make you a multimillionaire
  • A Kardashian themed confessional
  • The appropriate use for caps lock

Can I quote you on that?

  • “They believed themselves to be part of something greater than themselves [as part of the British empire] and there was a lot of emotion wrapped up in that. It was not something that was an easy decision for those to actually declare independence to do.” Tim Smith
  • “We like to idealize these founding fathers and the purity of their motives and how simple it was, but it was very complicated.” Tim Smith
  • “He [Thomas Jefferson] writes the declcaration with, as one historian put it, ‘eternal truths with literary inspiration.’” Tim Smith
  • “Jefferson loved hosting social gatherings to the point that, when he was in the White House, he had something like an over a thousand dollar monthly bill for wine – that’s in 1803.” Tim Smith
  • “We as adults need to be treated the way children are treated when it comes to our healthcare.” Jacey
  • “My phone had to die before I stopped scrolling.” Jacey, admitting a shameful Kardashian stalking experience


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