Olympic dreams


This week, we are sharing those challenging day to day activities that we think should be submitted as potential Olympic sports, assembling a dream team for these Olympics that we call life and getting into the competitive spirit with a little game of our own.

Guys, we're turning 100 next week!! We never would have made it to 100 without you guys, and we’re super grateful. So, we’d love to include your thoughts and voices in the episode. Leave us a voicemail or send use a message by this Thursday, August 4th letting us know which topics have resonated with you, whether you're pro or con Birkenstocks, and anything else your heart desires! We'll include as many as we can in the episode.

What you'll hear:

  • Facts you may not know about the Olympic games
  • Our list of everyday tasks that require Olympic caliber agility and skill
  • Us v. phone storage limits
  • Who we would want by our side when encountering the obstacles of day to day life aka our Olympic dream teams

Can I quote you on that?

  • “There’s nothing worse than a non-competitive person being forced to compete with a competitive person.” Jacey
  • “Anyone who has ever tried to fold a fitted sheet knows that there are some things in life that feel like they require the talent and agility of an Olympic athlete.” Maggie
  • “I get so sad when I think about deleting messages though because that’s like old-fashioned days of writing letters; that’s like a record of our friendship.” Jacey
  • “What can’t you do, if you can do liquid eyeliner in the morning?” Jacey
  • “There may or may not have been a spontaneous game of grocery store corn hole with a shopping basket and bag of marshmallows that went down a couple days ago.” Maggie


Thoughts, questions, comments?