Being a neighbor, with Shannan Martin


This week, we’re diving into a side of community that can be a little awkward in our isolated culture; we’re discussing how to be a good neighbor. Plus, we've invited Shannan Martin into the conversation, because we’re inspired by how she loves her neighbors intentionally!

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What you'll hear:

  • Our experiences knowing (and ignoring) our neighbors
  • What holds us back from forming bonds with those in close proximity to us
  • How Shannan and her family came to live on "the wrong side of the tracks"
  • The unexpected fruit of walking Shannan's kids to school
  • How a willingness to come as you are cultivates vulnerable community
  • Practical ways to build relationships with neighbors

Can I quote you on that?

  • “There’s something about proximity that lends itself to intimacy.” Maggie
  • “What’s great about investing in your neighbors is that it gives you the opportunity to invest in people you might not have chosen as your community.” Maggie
  • “A good neighbor is willing to be interrupted.”Jacey
  • “It’s important to be willing to help, be available, be open. But it’s equally important, and maybe harder for us in our culture, to also be willing to be helped.” Jacey
  • “We were being called out from under the bubble that we lived under, where everybody lived and believed and behaved in almost identical ways.” Shannan Martin
  • “It’s important for our neighbors to know that we come to them as very imperfect and often failing people who God has redeemed.” Shannan Martin
  • “If we say we’re going to accept people just as the way they are, then we need to stop trying so hard to be something that we’re really not.” Shannan Martin
  • “In the context of doing community well with our neighbors, often the best that we can offer is actually our shakiest or our most frayed at the edges or our most unassuming or ordinary.” Shannan Martin

Our challenge this month is to be a good neighbor. Spend some time outside, open to the possibility that you might just cross paths with someone, or muster up the courage to knock on a neighbor’s door and introduce yourself. Or go big and invite them over to dinner! However small (and awkward) the steps may be, we hope you’ll join us this month in intentional neighborliness. Tell us about it when you do! You can email us your stories, or share on social media using the hashtag #attneighbors.


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