Why we need friends who aren't like us

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Now, on to the show:


This week, we’re discussing how to cultivate friendships with people who are different than us. Plus, our monthly read watch listen follow segment!

What you'll hear:

  • Why it's hard to make friends who look and think differently
  • The immense value in such friendships
  • Practical ways to widen our circles
  • What we've been reading, watching, listening to and following

Can I quote you on that?

  • “There’s real value to disagreeing or even offending each other and walking through that, but the fear of offending someone shuts us down before we even get to that stage pretty often.” Jacey
  • “If you’re the type of person who seeks challenge, who seeks refinement, who seeks being influenced by a variety of different voices, then the Internet is a great place to do that.” Maggie
  • “Sometimes it’s the looking for points of connection that connects you.” Maggie
  • “Any belief system needs to be tested and put under pressure; if it can only work in a bubble, then there’s something wrong there.” Jacey
  • “It’s as simple as taking a genuine interest, being willing to expand your horizons, and loving the people that you cross paths with – and maybe widening your path a little.” Jacey
  • “What I read is the vegetables to the donuts of what I watch.” Maggie


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