Mourning Charleston's loss and loving well in the midst of tragedy

First Sunday service after the shooting at Emanuel AME in Charleston, SC
First Sunday service after the shooting at Emanuel AME in Charleston, SC


We rarely discuss news on this show, but for those of us who call Charleston home, and many around the country, conversations around our actual kitchen tables this weekend revolved around the horrific church massacre that took place last week. We had a very different episode recorded, but feel compelled to talk about this crime in particular, but also loving well in the midst of tragedy on a community or personal level. 

We approach the mic hesitantly, but we offer our thoughts humbly, not because we offer incredible wisdom or insight, but because to stay silent given our proximity and love for our Charleston community would make us complicit in the problem.

MLK quote
MLK quote

Quotes from the episode:

"People in Charleston are feeling mournful; there's a somber mood and a sense of the community coming together, but there's also challenge, and rightfully so." Jacey, on the mood in Charleston post shooting

"Right now there's a community of people hurting, of people whose lives will never be the same. When do you open up the conversation of the racial and social implications without minimizing or trivializing what nine families are going through?" Maggie

"What this particular crime has compelled me to face is that if I don't acknowledge that this is a problem that is not going away, that is not in the past, then I am part of the problem." Jacey

"That's the battleground where we'll see people's hearts and minds change: when you are challenging in love the people who you're close to in your immediate circles, in your immediate community." Maggie

"The greatest evil of our country today is not racism but ignorance." Septima P. Clark

"We have to become okay with the fact that things are not going to go back to normal, and that instead we have to get accustomed to a new normal." Maggie

"Let's dive into the reality of what it is: messy, uncomfortable and hard, but necessary." Maggie

"Real love is not tidy, it's not neat, and it doesn't go without mistakes." Jacey

2015-06-21 10.58.48
2015-06-21 10.58.48

If Charleston is heavy on your heart, three things you can do:

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