Money in marriage, with a special guest host

2015-03-24 15.29.29
2015-03-24 15.29.29

In this episode, Jacey is joined by a special guest host - her husband, Mike. They discuss working together as a couple on finances, and answer a listener question about sacrificing to reach financial goals without being miserable.

What you'll hear:

  • How our communication style and handling of money has changed during our marriage
  • The complicated emotions that can accompany merging finances as a couple
  • The importance of the "we" and "ours" mentality in a marriage
  • The important of a zero based budget, and the basics of how to make one
  • Ways to save money without being miserable

Can I quote you on that?

  • "When I realized how much we owed, it was really easy for me to make the switch from, 'this is our problem,' to 'how could you put me in this position?'" - Jacey
  • "If I were to have that knee jerk, emotional reaction, and spew the things that I was feeling, it would be unfair, really hurtful, and really ungrateful." - Jacey
  • "I processed internally until I could approach you from a calm, rational place where I could be back on your team again." Jacey
  • "Our approach is very we-based and us-based: is our collective issues, collective wins, collective losses." - Mike
  • "We make what we make, not I make what I make, plus you make what you make. It's all ours before it hits the account." - Mike
  • "The paradox of budgeting is that it's a boundary that sets you free."  Jacey
  • "Taking the first step is harder than staying in motion." - Jacey
  • "Cable's expensive. Netflix is $9." Mike
  • "What can make lean seasons miserable is the entitlement mentality." - Jacey


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