Lunch Break with Theresa Meacham

In this episode, we chat with Theresa of Theresa M. Meacham Designs and We discuss living abroad, counting your blessings, and one very memorable schnitzel experience.

What you’ll hear:

  • What Theresa has learned about hospitality while living overseas.
  • Some of the major challenges of living abroad.
  • Keys to finding a new normal in a new place.
  • The importance of practicing gratitude.
  • A story about the power of Schnitzel.

Can I quote you on that?

  • “It makes all the difference when someone risks their own comfort to greet me in the confines of mine.” – Theresa
  • “Living overseas, the highs are a little bit higher and the lows are a little bit lower.” – Theresa
  • “Put yourself in a place to be hosted.” – Maggie
  • “The more you notice, the more you notice.” – Theresa
  • "We need to become nuanced in our blessings.” – Mark Batterson
  • “You make your biggest gains when you push through the hardest points.” – Theresa Meacham


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