Lunch break with Steve Cockram

In this episode, we’re talking with Steve Cockram, cofounder of GiANT Worldwide and a wonderful mentor of Maggie’s in London. He’s an expert in the field of Jungian Type Analysis expert (Myers Briggs), so he shares the value and limitations of such assessments, why the American woman is the most difficult role in the world, according to Steve, and some insights from his book about being more intentional strategic in the time we have.

What you’ll hear

  • The most delightful British accent
  • Staying connected and productive when there’s never enough time
  • The value and limitations of personality assessments
  • How understanding your children’s personality types can inform your parenting
  • What a fromager is, and why we all need one

Can I quote you on that?

“It’s less about trying to fit more into less, but being a little more strategic in how you use the time that you have.” Steve Cockram

"Our culture plays a significant role in how we understand the importance of rest and family." Steve Cockram

“A personality assessment tells you what you think you ought and should be, and is really made up of your nature, nurture and choice.”

“Behaviors tell you the complex mix of nature, nurture, and the choices that you’ve made.” Steve Cockram

“Being the American woman is the most impossible role in the world to play.” Steve Cockram

“I like cheese to invade my senses.” Steve Cockram