Lunch Break with novelist Ryan Graudin

In this episode we are joined by award winning novelist Ryan Graudin. We discuss why she claims to love her characters like children and how she out-smarted some of our regular guest questions.

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What you'll hear:

  • Ryan describe her writing process
  • Why sequels are so hard
  • How Ryan’s love for her characters is like a mother's love for her children
  • Advice for aspiring novelists

Can I quote you on that?

  • “I have written entire books and then I’ve gotten to the end and have been like, this does not need to be out in the world, that was just a practice book.” Ryan Graudin
  • “Being a writer means wrestling with self-doubt.” Ryan Graudin
  • “I’m all about writing strong women characters.” Ryan Graudin
  • “Persistance is the strongest weapon in your arsenal.” Ryan Graudin
  • “Tell the story that you’re the most scared to tackle.” Ryan Graudin