Lunch Break with Michelle Conley Cherry

Joining us around the table is Michelle Conley Cherry, a style Instagrammer and Maggie’s childhood friend. We chat about what’s behind the outfit of the day post, Maggie’s rebellious streak, summer style, and eyebrows on fleek.

What you’ll hear:

  • The definition and art of truck diving
  • How many pictures are taken to capture the outfit of the day shot that gets posted
  • How Michelle went from Instagram hobbyist to professional
  • What style Instagrammers Michelle follows
  • Summer style tips and trends

Can I quote you on that?

“Really awesome things are often accidental.” - Michelle Conley Cherry

“I noticed how you could transform Instagram and social media into a business.” - Michelle Conley Cherry

“The best everyday accessory is your eyebrows.” - Michelle Conley Cherry

“I am all about the Birkenstocks.” - Michelle Conley Cherry

“You can laugh at me and with me.” - Michelle Conley Cherry