Lunch Break with Megan Tietz of the Sorta Awesome podcast

We are joined for this lunch break by author, mom, podcaster, and ENFP, Megan Tietz. We discuss YouTube and Periscope, which insights Megan's found most valuable from Myers Briggs, some no fail recipes, and podcaster's dream dinner party.

What you'll hear:

  • Megan's thoughts on blogging vs. podcasting
  • Megan's amazing insights on Myers Briggs
  • Differences between Myers Briggs and the Enneagram
  • The podcaster's dream dinner party
  • A surprising turn of the tide on Jacey's disdain for Facebook groups

Can I quote you on that?

  • "I love seeing people explore creative pursuits." Megan Teitz
  • "There's something for everybody on YouTube." Megan Tietz
  • "Understanding how my brain is wired helps me give grace to myself." Megan Tietz


Thoughts, questions, comments?