Lunch Break with Lindsay Letters

In this episode we chat with Lindsay from Lindsay Letters. We discuss the addictive powers of hummus, adult onset ADD, different creative outlets, and the best places to eat in East Nashville. 

What you’ll hear:

  • Lindsay’s journey to launching her creative business
  • Thoughts on decorating, cooking, and some of Lindsay's other creative outlets
  • A few recommendations on where to eat in Nashville
  • Our brilliant hummus trough idea
  • Interesting last-meal requests from inmates on death row
  • The one food we would eat on a desert island

Can I quote you on that?

  • “I’m going to go ahead and make what I think is cool and see if other people think it’s cool, too. And by the grace of god, they do.” - Lindsay Sherbondy
  • “I’m ADD, but what that means is that I can hyper-focus on things that I care about...I try and embrace it when it works.” - Lindsay Sherbondy
  • "Cooking is my number one creative outlet. I follow a recipe the first time but the rest of the time I just kind of make it up. And that is really fun for me." - Lindsay Sherbondy
  • “Hummus trough. Let's make it a thing." - Jacey Verdicchio
  • "Any story that starts with, 'I had a horrible experience while doing a juice cleanse' - yikes." - Maggie McDaris
  • "Sometimes when we sit down to dinner, it's just so short. We're there for 15-20 minutes and in between bites you don't really have a conversation." - Lindsay Sherbondy


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