Lunch Break with Jess Connolly

Photo by Gina Zeidler

We are joined for this lunch break by author, speaker, owner of Naptime Diaries, cofounder of The Influence Network and wife + mama, Jess Connolly. We discuss the most hilarious slash amazing wedding gift ever, a life changing moment in the Walmart parking lot, and why taking care of yourself is key to loving others well. There's laughter, tears, and so much heart.

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What you'll hear:

  • Technical difficulties real talk
  • What Jess would say to a woman who feels small and insignificant
  • The dangers of fame
  • Why boundaries and self care are key to loving people well

Can I quote you on that?

  • "The number one thing I would want to say to any woman is 'you have influence right where you are.'" Jess Connolly
  • "I genuinely believe that life change and world change happens right where we're at." Jess Connolly
  • "The only reason I have a platform is that it was like a train wreck that people couldn't stop watching." Jess Connolly
  • "We have influence over people, and we get to choose what we influence them towards." Jess Connolly
  • "Me being cool or funny or smart isn't going to impact eternity, but the truth of Jesus is [going to impact eternity]." Jess Connolly
  • "Making time for yourself isn't selfish." Jess Connolly
  • "A revolutionary way to love people well is to say no." Jess Connolly


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