Lunch Break with Jamie Golden

Welcome to this Around the Table lunch break with Jamie Golden of Jamie's Sweet Revenge and The Popcast! We discuss Jamie's career change and how it was a literal piece of cake, the anatomy of the perfect funny tweet, and why Jesus wouldn't get an Evite to her dinner party.

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What you'll hear:

  • What Jamie did the first Monday she woke up without a job or a plan
  • Advice for people thinking about starting a freelance or self employed career
  • Finding humor in everyday life

Can I quote you on that?

  • "Prep as much as you can, and put money in savings so you're not agreeing to take a job you don't think is right." - Jamie, on getting prepared to start freelance work before you quit your current job
  • "I could do nothing else but cake pops, and it pays all my bills." - Jamie Golden
  • "Funny on Twitter is not making fun of other people, but being self deprecating." - Jamie Golden
  • "The Oscars and the Grammys - those are holy times for me." - Jamie Golden
  • "I don't hustle. Hustle's at 5AM, and I don't do 5:00. Except at night." - Jamie Golden
  • "My mom nurtures through food, which may explain why I need to wear Spanx." - Jamie Golden
  • "I feel like I would not eat that chicken sandwich aggressively if Chris Hemsworth is sitting right there, so I did not invite any handsome men." - Jamie Golden
  • "You get one cocktail in her, and she is going to tell you all of Hollywood's secrets." - Jamie Golden, on why a certain starlet would get an invite to her dinner party


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