Lunch Break with Gretchen Saffles

This week, we are joined by Gretchen Saffles of Life Lived Beautifully. We discuss the slippery slope of body image, instilling purpose in dressing up, and 90s music we still know by heart.

We will be giving away one of Gretchen's beautiful 'Be Still and Know' mugs, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for details on how to enter!

What you'll hear:

  • What it means to 'Be Still and Know'
  • Gretchen's story of struggling with an eating disorder
  • Where Jesus fits into style, fashion, and outward appearances
  • Why Gretchen likes eating with tall people
  • Why us 90s kids have to stick together

Can I quote you on that?

  • "The words 'be still' also mean to sink deep and to cease striving." - Gretchen
  • "I've got this blank reminder on my mug that it's not about the caffeine that gets me through the day, it's about Christ and His strength." - Gretchen
  • "Comparison was the very first thing I started struggling with." - Gretchen on her battle with an eating disorder.
  • "This is not just about clothing. Our outward appearance is a reflection of our heart, so the way that we dress really depicts that." - Gretchen
  • "Animal print is really in right now...I bet Adam and Eve probably looked pretty good." - Maggie referring to God's choice of animal print clothing
  • "There is a joy in being around a woman who is free." - Gretchen


Image by @jensane