Lunch break with Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy

In this episode, we’re talking with Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy, Jacey's go to source for book recommendations. We learn about Anne's favorite books from last year and what she's excited to read in 2016. We also discuss prioritizing what to read, cultivating faithfulness, and how Veronica Mars might embarrass Anne at a dinner party. 

What you’ll hear

  • The benefits and drawbacks of writing about books
  • Anne's loves and let downs from the books she read in 2015
  • How Anne prioritizes the many books she wants to read
  • Why Anne blogs so faithfully and prolifically

Can I quote you on that?

  • "While I love that reading and talking about books is kind of part of my job, because I made it that way, it's not without its drawbacks." Anne Bogel
  • "I wanted a gold medal because I finally finished Middlemarch." Anne Bogel
  • "I don't recommend books on my blog that I haven't read." Anne Bogel
  • "I am just as vulnerable to a good recommendation from a trusted source as anyone else, and that makes up a large component of what I read." Anne Bogel
  • "Do whatever works for you and your personality." Anne Bogel


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