Lunch Break with Hannah and MaryGene of the Armstrong Collective

This week, we are joined by the Hannah and MaryGene of the Armstrong Collective. We chat about interior design inspiration, how to be content with the space you're in now, and where you can stalk the royal family on Instagram. 

What you’ll hear?

  • The Armstrong collective origin story
  • Where the ladies find design inspiration
  • Tips for seeing your vision for a space come to life
  • Confessions of a royal family fan girl

Can I quote you on that?

  • “That was our driving force: how to make people feel welcome.” MaryGene Armstrong
  • “Don’t get so paralyzed by what you don’t have that you don’t take little steps to make where you are more comfortable right now.” Maggie
  • “Lighting is the jewelry of the home.” MaryGene Armstrong
  • “That is one of our goals in throwing events: removing any distractions or worries for whoever is being celebrated and clearing the way for a good time and for fellowship and encouragement.” Hannah Armstrong
  • "Good food never hurts." Hannah Armstrong