Lunch Break with Jenn Gietzen

This week we are joined by Jenn Gietzen: designer, entrepreneur, and cocktail connoisseur. We chat about finding creative community, incorporating faith into design, and we hear some of Jenn’s recent romantic blunders.

But first, don't forget to follow us on instagram and keep and eye out for a chance to win THIS awesome tote bag from NovaElle, an organization cofounded by Jenn that uses design to give back to the community. Giveaway will run 3/26/16 through 3/29/16, and all entry details will be on instagram.

What you’ll hear:

  • Tips for finding a creative community
  • Some delicious cocktail recipes and ideas
  • Some of Jen’s romantic blunders
  • About an awesome giveaway

Can I quote you on that?

  • “Figure out where your community it in your town, maybe even do a little light Instagram stalking." Jenn Gietzen
  • "You never know who is going to know someone." Jenn Gietzen
  • “It is a milestone, you have your first date, then he meets your parents, then…you fart in front of him.” Maggie
  • “Sorry I farted that one time, please still like me.” Jenn Gietzen
  • “Vulnerability is not a large trend right now, and I’m trying to help get it to that point." Jenn Gietzen


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