Lunch Break with Amena Brown Owen

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In this episode, we're joined by spoken word poet, author, and doughnut connoisseur Amena Brown Owen. We discuss the power of vulnerability in art, learning to dig the skin you're in, the metaphorical "table" of our lives.

What you'll hear:

  • How Amena got started in spoken word
  • Amena's choice to share a very personal experience in her art
  • The work it takes to "dig the skin you're in"
  • The value of confident friends

Can I quote you on that?

  • “I get nervous every time." Amena Brown Owen, on performing
  • "If I go a long period of time and I haven't written a poem, I almost feel sick." Amena Brown Owen
  • "I don't owe that personal part of myself to anyone, but if I come to a place in my soul where [sharing it] could be super healing for me, then for myself, I need to say it boldly, not to make a point to anyone else." Amena Brown Owen on vulnerability in her art
  • "One of the things that really helped me was having women friends who were more confident than I was." Amena Brown Owen
  • "You're going to fall in love several times, but you only have one of yourself." Amena Brown Owen
  • "If you have the option to have dinner with Beyoncé, you need to move heaven and earth to do it." Amena Brown Owen