A healthy relationship with our phones

This week, we’re breaking down a very complicated relationship most of us have…with our phones. We’ll discuss what we love about our phones, how they stress us out, and the many land mines of modern phone etiquette. And hopefully we’ll all walk away with a better idea of what a healthy phone relationship looks like.

What you'll hear:

  • Whether or not we think we have healthy relationships with our phones
  • The benefits of smart phones and the ways they simplify our lives
  • The ways smart phones negatively affect the quality of our lives and relationships
  • Practical tips for creating boundaries with our phones
  • Other 'phone-pauxs'
  • Our smartphone confessions

Can I quote you on that?

  • "It's all about finding the balance that lets our phones simplify our lives, rather than complicate them further." Maggie
  • "However I'm interacting with my phone is a reflection of my emotional health in general." Jacey
  • "If you can respond in under a minute, respond right when you see it." Jacey
  • "Google maps saves lives." Jacey
  • "One of the dangers of things moving fast is not thinking enough about what you're communicating." Jacey
  • "No one needs those little red numbers glaring us in the face telling us how many things we haven't done yet today." Maggie
  • "When you get to the point where you are trying to communicate your emotions via text, you need to pick up the phone and call." Maggie
  • "How quickly we can respond often affects the quality of our responses." Maggie


Thoughts, questions, comments?

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