Half marathon and 2014 recap

In our last episode of 2014, we discuss our half marathon, Christmas cards + gifts, the most memorable gifts we've received and a 2014 review. Let's get started!

Show notes:

We finished our first half marathon, and discussed it in detail. It was oddly emotional. You may want to skip the first 20 minutes or so if you're not interested. And if you still can't get enough, Jacey wrote a blog post about it.

Our last Christmas segment:

  • We talk where we're at with Christmas gifts and cards. Jacey is sending a few of these postcards from the company she works for, Naptime Diaries.
  • Enjoy the last few weeks of holiday music and check out our Spotify playlist if you haven't yet!
  • The most memorable gifts we've received.
  • Is your love language receiving gifts? What's the most memorable gift YOU'VE ever received?

2014 in review - we ask and answer these questions:

  • What was the best purchase you made in 2014?
  • What was your favorite book you read in 2014?
  • In Creating Your Life Plan, Donald Miller encourages you to look at events in your life that changed you or your course in a way that you could never go back, like walking through a door. What "doorway moments" did you have in 2014?
  • What are you most proud of from 2014?
  • What's your favorite song from 2014?
  • What's the biggest change that's taken place in you in 2014?
  • What advice would YOU give at this point in life?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks so much for listening. We're grateful for you! 

Show notesJacey Verdicchio