Getting out of your own way and life in London


This week, we discuss getting out of our own way, and Jacey interviews Maggie about her life in London.



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What you'll hear:

  • It's almost our podcast birthday! (See above)
  • What Maggie named her resident mice
  • Thoughts on why we try to hinder our own creative efforts
  • Self-sabotaging patterns we have identified
  • Ways to overcome getting in your own way
  • Insight into Maggie's life in London

Can I quote you on that?

  • "It's not necessarily about defeating the resistance, but figuring out how to work around it." - Jacey
  • "A lot of the things that I think hinder me when it comes to creative work or something I want to accomplish stem out of fear of failure." - Maggie
  • "Our brains are really skilled at keeping us from doing anything that we perceive as a risk." - Jacey
  • "What if somehow we can take that resistance, approach it from a different angle and actually use it to fuel our creativity. Use those frustrations, use those concerns, use those fears and see if you can find inspiration in them." - Maggie
  • "I can't control anything that will happen to my words once they leave me. I don't know who will read them or if they will ever be considered good by any metric outside of myself. All I can control is if I do them, if I write them, if I put them down on paper." - Jacey
  • "Sometimes it is as simple as work ethic. Just sitting down and doing it." - Jacey
  • "Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend." - Jacey


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