Fresh starts and finding home

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This week, we’re sharing our best tips for getting settled when you move to a new city. Plus a little introduction to house plants for brown thumbs.

What you'll hear:

  • Ideas for leaving well when you move
  • Why Jacey thought she was being abducted by a UFO the first night in her new apartment
  • How to connect around common interests...including gut bacteria
  • How to dry and freeze fresh herbs

Can I quote you on that?

  • “Ask yourself: what can you leave behind [when you move]?” Maggie
  • “Moving is a good time to start a new habit.” Jacey
  • “Mentally steel yourself that [moving] is going to be a couple month long transition.” Maggie
  • “Target owns my soul at this point.” Maggie
  • “You have to get to know a lot of people in order to find your tribe of people.” Jacey
  • “A great way to make a connection in a new place is to put yourself in a position of need.” Maggie
  • “If you are just dipping your toe into the water of owning houseplants, get in slowly. No cannonballs here.” Maggie


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