Food obsessed millennials, plus Read Watch Listen Follow

Food obsessed millennials
Food obsessed millennials

It's another edition of Read Watch Listen Follow, plus the implications and meaning of the millennial food obsession, from the perspective of two food-obsessed millennials.


What you'll hear:

  • The singer/songwriter Maggie is late to the game on
  • Where to shop multiple brands on one site
  • The budget category Jacey is most likely to blow
  • Our favorite foodie dishes

Can I quote you on that?

  • "We grew up hearing 'you're special; you can do anything,' and the reality is we didn't see that unfold." - Maggie
  • "We're not putting our worth - our self worth and our financial resources - in things; we're putting them in experiences." - Maggie
  • "A population of experts, which we've sort of become, can lead to some seriously poor decision making when it comes to our health." - Maggie
  • "Some of the very popular nutrition trends and fads are not based in fact; they're based in a lot of personal experience." - Maggie
  • "Economically, the value we place on being foodies and being elite in our taste - the industry has responded and they know that they can charge more by putting 'artisanal' in front of it." - Jacey
  • "Obviously that gourmet burger is better than anything you could get at McDonald's. But sometimes, it's 12:00 at night, you're hungry and McDonald's is open." - Maggie


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