Five on Friday: Conundrums


In this Five on Friday episode, we are sharing five conundrums. These are the questions that plague us and that we would genuinely love your feedback on.



  • What to do when you forget someone's name.
  • How to navigate that awkward moment on a date when the bill arrives.
  • One word: sweat.
  • Hug or handshake?
  • To tri or not to tri. That is the question.


  • Should she grow out her bangs?
  • Why do we still insist on opening presents in front of a group? How can we make this less uncomfortable?
  • What is the balance between being present in a moment and still allowing for the effort it takes to capture the moment (to share on social media, of course).
  • Jacey Verdicchio (sp?) vs. The Balanced Wife.
  • The accidental 'like' on Instagram or Facebook...WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Image by @jensane