Episode 012: Decision making and endurance race training

In this episode, we discuss our recent travels, Maggie's experience with Crossfit so far and other feats of strength, dog workouts, and how we make decisions.

Show notes for this episode:

  • We had such a fun time in Virginia at Maggie's mom's mountain house, Bent Tree!
  • I highly recommend making friends with a chef and charming her into inviting you to a weekend away where she cooks three meals a day for you.
  • Rosemary parmesan cornbread is an option! Tell Maggie you want her to post the recipe on her blog.
  • Chef's risotto tricks: you don't have to stir it constantly like you think, and dehydrated mushrooms soaked in chicken stock to rehydrate.
  • Use vanilla bean paste anytime you can.
  • Makeovers!!
  • Perks of being an adult: red wine with your s'mores
  • I immediately traveled to Raleigh for Making Things Happen, and then on to Chicago for Storyline.
  • I don't mind going places alone. Do you?
  • Big take away for me: goal setting doesn't have to be self centered.
  • Check out the Storyline Creating Your Life Plan
  • Mike and I explored Chicago. We found amazing food like Quartino and went to The Second City.
  • Stephen Colbert is the smartest, funniest human in America. Agree or disagree?
  • We don't watch a lot of late night since it's past our bed times, but we do catch up on YouTube!
  • Maggie is loving Crossfit Discovery so far, and she's training for an half Iron Man now. I've volunteered to be her coach solely because the race is in New Orleans.
  • Workout classes with canines: it's a thing.
  • The Paradox of Choice is a TED talk that explains why we're less happy with more choices.
  • I also wrote a blog post about it
  • Maggie and I are both more on the impulsive, action oriented side of decision making. How about you?
  • The downside to being less analytical
  • It's easier to steer a moving ship.

"What the heart loves, the will chooses and the mind justifies."

How do you make decisions? What are you doing for exercise these days? Let us know in the comments or start a conversation with us by email at hithere@aroundthetablepodcast.com.

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Show notesJacey Verdicchio