Episode 011: the pros and cons of Googling strangers

In this episode, we talk helpful strategies when meeting new people, the negative effects of positive thinking, and how to explore a new town. We're also giving away a copy of our friend Ryan's book, The Walled City.

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The rest of this episode's show notes:

  • Jackie Pullinger is a missionary whose story can be found in her book, Chasing the Dragon.
  • Jacey and Maggie spent a weekend with some friends in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Few things top mountain getaways in the fall.
  • NYMag has an interesting article on pre-date Googling.
  • A Better Way to Introduce Your Friends at Parties.
  • Jacey and Maggie are researching BFF bracelets. Suggestions?
  • We spend a lot of time talking about  whether or not optimism is the enemy of action. This article claims that too much positive-thinking can impede goal acheivement.
    • NYU psychology professor, Dr. Gabriele Oettigen, suggests the WOOP (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan) formula for success
    • Maggie is more big-picture while Jacey is detail-oriented. Myers Briggs helps us articulate those parts of our personalities.
    • Checking out James Beard award-winning chefs and restaurants is a great way to find good food in a new city.

What do you think- is it ok to Google someone before a date? What are some good get-t0-know-you questions that aren't 'what do you do?' How do you decide where to go and what to do when visiting somewhere for the first time? 

Show notesJacey Verdicchio