Episode 010: the fragrance anniversary

In this episode of Around the Table, we discuss Crossfit, anniversaries, marriage reviews, and morning and evening routines!

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Show notes for this episode:

We were surprised by the older gentlemen that listeners mentioned as Hollywood crushes! The discussion prompted Jacey to reveal her older Hollywood crush: Roger Sterling of Mad Men. Not the actor- Roger Sterling. So dapper.

  • Maggie signed up for the introduction to Crossfit. Thoughts?
  • I asked Maggie if she's easily persuaded. Are you?
  • My husband Mike and I celebrated our sixth anniversary this weekend. It was a glorious day of eating and chatting.
  • I shared about the annual marriage review we do on our anniversary- a  few other 6th year marriage reflections here and a letter to newlyweds from last year
  • Quick version of the marriage review: highlights from the year, things you appreciate about each other, and growth opportunities
  • Traditional and modern anniversary gifts for each year
  • What's a desk set? What are your thoughts on appliances as gifts?
  • Morning and evening routines
  • We're both morning people
  • I'm trying to get into journaling - it's part of Maggie's evening routine
  • We've heard it's helpful to turn off screens an hour before sleep - Maggie's been doing it and confirms.
  • I use the Sleep Cycle app to keep track of my sleep (like a neurotic person)
  • I enjoyed this podcast. I hope you did, too!

Have you tried Crossfit? What are you morning and evening routines? How can I get to bed on time? Would you ever try doing a marriage review like we do?

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