Episode 009: "Excuse me, can I use this outlet?"

In this episode, we talk coffee shop preferences, friendships with people in different life phases, and tips for getting started when making healthy lifestyle changes. 

This week's show notes:

  • Jimmy Stewart is Maggie's ultimate Hollywood crush
  • MOPs is a national group for women with pre-school aged children. Jacey encouraged their local chapter with a talk on budgeting and becoming debt free.
  • Our favorite local coffee shop - Collective Coffee
  • In case you don't know what Radicchio is...

Is it socially acceptable to ask someone to unplug their device so that you can use an outlet?

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is a great resource for nutrition information
  • Eatingwell and Cookinglight are essential when looking for delicious, healthy recipes
  • Tips for crating healthy habits:
    • Identify problematic behaviors to change (or beneficial ones to incorporate)
    • Set goals (be specific)
    • Start small and change one habit at a time

What makes your ideal coffee shop? What are some of the biggest obstacles you face when trying to create healthy habits? 

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- Maggie and Jacey

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