Episode 008: football fans, sickies & travel essentials

In this episode, we talk about football, our comforts when sick, and travel essentials. 

This week's show notes:

  • Maggie tells us the history behind Auburn's War Eagle chant
  • Wearing dresses and going to football games with a date? Who knew?
  • Maggie is an SEC fan, all the way
  • Jacey grew up an Oklahoma and 49er fan

Quote of the podcast about the community side of football:

"Even if you're not into it, it's a really good excuse to get people together."

  • Maggie craves junk food  and watches Disney when she's sick.
  • PSA: Tylenol reduces fevers. Again -- who knew??
  • Maggie's jam on a road trip: Krave beef jerky

Are you a football fan? What do you do to comfort yourself when you're sick?

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- Maggie and Jacey

Show notesJacey Verdicchio