Episode 006: Do Instagram followers mean anything, and other questions

It has been an exciting and week for us here at Around the Table! In this episode, we talk about trips to London, weddings, and how to keep the internet from stealing your soul! As any good podcast should, we start ours off with Glazed Donuts. Are you sensing a trend, here?

Maggie just returned from a trip to England! Here are some important things to note about her trip:

  • Rae Morris is a phenominal singer/songwriter and you can find her on itunes here.
  • Borough Market is, according to Maggie, the happiest place on Earth. Sorry, Disney World.
  • Maggie's British birthday celebration involved gin and tonic from a can, tickets to Miss Saigon, and a surprise run-in with her favorite Broadway actress!

Jacey had an eventful week creating an exceptional blog post about her capsule wardrobe, and hosting her Mom in Charleston.

  • Here is the link to the Influence Conference Jacey was preparing for.
  • Naptime Diaires - the Advent devotional and calendar come out on Wednesday!
  • Seth Godin is an author and blogger who has a lot of great thoughts on seeing your career as a series of projects.

Weddings can be great opportunites to influence your closest friends and family. Maggie's friend co-founded an organization called the Sophie Hayes Foundation and used his wedding as a platform to raise awareness and bless others.

 Maintaining a healthy perspective on the internet can be a challenge:

  • The internet can't love you - a more cohesive collection of Jacey's thoughts about the internet
  • This article from New York Magazine offers some interesting food for thought on why we feel the need to "unplug"

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How do you keep a healthy balance with online life? What funny, touching or memorable stories do you have about weddings? Tell us in the comments!

- Maggie and Jacey

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