Emotional health and tips for writing and cooking well


In this week’s episode, we discuss emotional health and share our thoughts on practical ways to cultivate mental and emotional well-being. We also offer some practical tips for improving both writing and cooking skills.

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What you’ll hear:

  • Maggie's Diet Mountain Dew confession
  • The role of relationships in emotional well being
  • Thoughts on authenticity, self-awareness, and living outwardly
  • The benefits of practicing thankfulness
  • A few tips on how to become a better writer and chef

Can I quote you on that?

  • “I’m making an educated decision, it’s just the wrong one.” – Maggie
  • “Close relationships depend on a lot of things, but one thing that they do not depend on is making sure people have a positive opinion of you all the time." – Jacey
  • “It's not doing yourself or anyone else any favors to pretend to be ok when you’re not.” – Jacey
  • “Treat yourself like a toddler.” – Jacey
  • “One of the ways we can help foster emotional health for ourselves and our communities is to fight against the stigma- make the conversation one that’s easy to have, and create an environment and a space where those types of conversations can happen.” – Maggie
  • “Pay attention to the things that move you.” – Jacey
  • “If you want to become a better cook…you have to cook.” – Maggie


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